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What is Smart City?

Here you learn the definition of smart cities.First of all, let's learn the meaning of the word,smart city.

Society 5.0 and Smart Cities

The realization of smart cities is also necessary to implement "Society 5.0",Japan's science and technology policy.Let's start with what "Society 5.0" is.

SDGs and Smart Cities

It is being considered to achieve the goals of the SDGs by building smart cities.So let's look at the relationship between the 17 goals of the SDGs and smart cities.

MaaS and Smart Cities

Recently, we've been hearing more about it in the news, "MaaS".Then,What is MaaS?

Efforts by the Japanese Government

The Japanese government is also providing support for the realization of smart cities through various ministries and agencies.Let's look at the actual efforts of the government.

Example (Japan)

There are several smart cities in Japan, and if those at the conceptual stage is considered, there are quite a few.So let's look at some smart city examples and initiatives.

Example (Other)

Let's look at some examples and concepts from outside Japan.

Smart Cities and Technologies

This section introduces technologies such as 5G and AI that are related to the realization of smart cities.

Smart Cities and Controversies

Is smart city all good?Let's look at smart cities and the controversies surrounding them.

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